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Mich Term 2004

4th men's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (2nd division)

12th in Division 2, 2nd fastest 4th VIII
Time: 13:45.3
The 4ths showed how successful they can be this year, beating two 2nd VIIIs and five 3rd VIIIs with a very strong performance. It was nice to see that there are no slackers at any level in this squad - I could see everyone was fully committed to the cause! It was also good to see the whole squad under the 1:50 mark, quite an achievement with 32 rowers entering. (BJ)
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Clare Novice Regatta (Plate)

1st round
Beat Wolfson C easily
Having never practised racing starts before, the 4th VIII did well to start pulling away very early into the race. Wolfson then crashed into the bank within the first 30 seconds, at which point they took a huge lead which was maintained at a ludicrously low rate until the finish. Overall a good row which set them up nicely for the next round. (Phil)
2nd round
Excelled against Christ's C by 1 and a quarter lengths
Having not seen the 4ths row for ages, I was extremely impressed. Apparently they'd rated about 18 in the first race and still got an "easily" verdict. In this race they reached about 24 spm and took a length advantage very quickly. A crab half-way down the reach saw Christ's get back to about 3/4 of a length by the time we'd recovered, but the boys pulled it back together well to get the advantage back to just over a length by the Railway Bridge, which they held all the way to the finish. Impressive stuff, good luck on Saturday!! (Richard)

1. We can beat Wolfson ...
2. Stern 5
3. Middle 4

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Novice Fairbairn Cup (2nd division)

40th, 1st 4th VIII... beat the Maggie Scum!!
Time: 11:58
Another solid row from the 4ths - despatching no less than 5 other first men's VIIIs. It was also satisfying to be able to put the reds in their place by 19 seconds.

With no training time lost on technicalities such as 'winding it up' or 'race pace' we were able to storm off to about 26 from the start and hold it there for the entire course. Raph handled the corners brilliantly and Ramsey set up an admirably long stroke.

A rather lumbering Pembroke III gave us some problems as we tried to overtake them (definitely not 'ram them') nail bitingly close before Chesterton but otherwise everything went as according to the non-existent race plan. An enormous push to the finish really summed up what the 4ths were made of, and I wish them all a well deserved break this Christmas.

Well done, boys! (Dan)
A video of the start can be found here. (BJ)

1. Starting
2. Plenty of splash

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