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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2004

3rd men's novice VIII (Plate)

Coxed by: Damilola Dauda

1st round
beat Magdalene B by about 4 lengths
We were just much better than them. A very tidy row which sagged a bit towards the end, but when you have 2 lengths of clear water that's not surprising! Good to see off a second boat so easily. (BJ)
2nd round
beaten by Maggie C (SCUM!) by about 2 lengths
We knew this one would be much harder, and it was. A good start saw the boats pretty much level after 10 strokes, but after striding we started creeping away very slowly. Unfortunately, a lost foot strap and then a lost seat led to some severe spacking, with some impressive antiphase rowing, losing us about 1.5 lengths. We got it back together again and started to close, but after the railway bridge they got the advantage of the corner, heads began to drop, and they pulled away slightly at the end.

However, a solid paddle home (including a completely unnecessary practice start!?) bodes well for the test of Fairbairns. This crew can be very proud of the way they rowed today, and look forward to beating the Maggie scum when it matters! (BJ)

1. Cruising against Mag...
2. Stern 4
3. Grit your teeth!

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