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Maiden Sculls, May Term 2004

500m side by side race in singles for people who have not entered a sculling race before.
Mon 19th - Wed 21st April

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AML in his single scull

Quarter finals
Beat George Wallis (LMBC) very easily
Despite arriving to be told i was an illegal entry, i still managed to race. Apparently the rules are meant to read "That only those who have not before competed in a sculling race with the exception of the most recent Second Trinity Challenge Sculls be eligible to enter." however the "most recent" bit was only known to the people at the captains meeting.

My competitors sportingly allowed me to race and i was a little surprised to win my first race by quite a few lengths, despite crabbing twice off the start. (Rupert the Bear)
Semi finals
Beat Emmanuel Moll (Peterhouse) by 1 1/2 Lengths
This was a tough race. We were neck and neck for the first hundred metres, before he came smashing into me. I just held my line and tried not to let go and gradually eased away from him. Knackering!! (Rupert the Bear)
Beat Geoff Roberts (Emma) by 1 3/4 Lengths
Another lightweight and another tough race. I had been warned about his tendency to cut across onto the inside station, so i went hard off the start and just kept him at bay until the finish. (Rupert the Bear)
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VLW in her single scull

1st round
Lost to Emma's captain by 1+1/4 lengths
Time: 2:25
I'm really quite pleased with this result - it is worth noting that none of the following happened:
a) I crashed/sank
b) I fell in
c) I lost by the length of the reach

Apparently we were neck and neck for about 350m, when I sort-of-crabbed, and she gained a few strokes on me, which she held till the finish. All quite good fun really :) (Me Me Me Me Me.)
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