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May Bumps 2004


Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Aileen Dennis

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Aileen Dennis

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Aileen Dennis

Rowed over
An impressive start and we gained on Corpus, but we got stuck in the rough water behind them as they got a big overlap on Caius and then bumped out. Meanwhile behind us disney were nowhere and got bumped when they were many lengths behind. We continued on valiantly in search of an overbump but died a bit (actually a lot) in the reach. We had gained on Wolfson, but not enough for the double overbump to be on.

All in all a good start, and we were faster than the crews above and below us. Hopefully we'll get Caius tomorrow. (Neil)
I subbed into this boat at late notice due to an illness. On the evidence of today, the grads should be disappointed to have not come out with a better result. They happened to start behind a crew that looked quite physically strong, but thats bumps.

The Grads have a fast start to work in their favour over the coming days. Distance calls from the coxes seat or the bank are often questionable, but I'd say we must have closed the gap on Corpus III to about half a length off the start. This was my 20th bumps race start in the bow seat, and I know that level of wash must have meant we were close! Unfortunately things got scrappy in the rough water, we lost boat speed and Corpus punished us, rapidly moving out to distance and beyond. They bumped Caius near first post, and with the two crews ahead of them bumped out as well we were left chasing a rather improbable double overbump on Wolfson II. Some good pushes at the bottom of the reach may have seen us close a little, but it was never really on the cards.

I expect these guys to do well over the next three days. Downing took a long time to hit Disney, so they shouldn't be an issue. The focus needs to be on Caius ahead, and they're there for the taking. (Keith Noble-Nesbitt)
Bumped Caius IV
A decent start and we gained a lot of ground again. We stopped gaining on the stride but then began to reel them in on first post reach. Aileen steered for them at first post corner and we got them! It took them ages to conceed, we hit them 4 or 5 times and our bowman had a good view of their stern. We came to a rest just at the start of the gut.

And oh look, we're chasing Maggie fellows tomorrow! (Neil)
Bumped LMBC V
Woo Yay, my first bump on Maggie!

We had some 'issues' at the start, but we managed to be pretty calm at the gun, lets just say some people will be getting points!

Our row down had been good, and the race itself too, we seem to be improving. The only slight wobble when we got to about 4 feet from them in rough water, but we got them about the same place we bumped yesterday.

Tomorrow will be tricky: Corpus are in front of us, and we got within half a length of them off the start on day 1, but we expect them to be faster than Jesus. (Neil)
Yes, issues at the start were rather disturbing, yet we got over them fairly quickly and were prepared for the "strrrride". The wind has proven to be much less of a problem than I feared, so that final misstroke from the bow side is a bit embarassing indeed. Anyway, the whole idea of bumping a boat full of people in red appears to be quite gratifying :) (Right B)
Subbing in for an ill crew member, this was perhaps my last ever bumps race. Satisfyingly it ended with my first bump on The Red Scum and the 5th boat headship. (Keith Noble-Nesbitt)
Rowed over
A good solid row-over as there was nothing in front to hit. We expected Corpus to hit Jesus quickly, but not that quickly! A crab in the Jesus boat resulted in them being hit before the stride. We'd closed to a length on corpus, but to no avail.We then set off dreaming of an overbump on Robinson, but they got Girton pretty quickly too.

We rowed over taking it fairly relaxed, christs tried to be cheeky and go for an overbump but we kept them miles away with the odd push.

Same as day 1: we gained on Corpus but they gained alot faster on the other crews around. (Neil)

1. Moving in for the kill!
2. Bearing down on Maggie
3. Full Steam Ahead

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