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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2004


Mixed VIIIs
in Titan
bow Ailanore Harper 2 Claire Standley
3 Unknown 4 Dan Newton
5 Unknown 6 Phil Horler
7 Zoe Michlig str Pia Schaefer

Coxed by: Rachel Wolf

1st round
miles an' miles
We got a tiny eeny weeny headstart - mainly due to our aesthetic qualities (and the costume too) - but extended this to the finish as we wiped the floor with a woeful opposition. The caterpillar costume held up only just and the momentary jubilation at the win was quickly gone as we sought to repair the inevitable damage that resulted from the fearsome row. We then waited....and waited......and waited.....'til the next round. (Dan Newton)
2nd round
not a problem this one
You think cruise is a generic term for a trip across great oceans on a purpose built boat with a swimming pool, tennis court and its own casino????? WRONG! Cruise is actually what we did in this round. With our technique more assured (our time rowing together was doubled by the time we finished this race!) and the relentless power coming from the ladies in the crew (the lads just there to add a bit of glamour to an otherwise dull occasion really) we strolled to victory. How did the other crew feel to have been beaten by a caterpillar??? We shall never know cos we were that far away by the end that they would not have been able to hear us if we had shouted. (The picky among the crew will now point out that there was overlap at the finish, but this is merely a technicality that would have marred my match report and so i declined to mention it) (Dan Newton)
Semi finals
THE BIG ONE!!! THE CLASH OF THE TITANS!!! (no pun intended - their boat had a different name) THE MAIN ATTRACTION!!! A Keys boat (who are they anyway) against us FaTties, it was like a headship battle. The big race nerves started to kick in around the start line as we stripped down to race kit - this is the best part of the race when in a mixed crew. From a strong start we found the pirate crew (what kind of a lame costume idea is that?!) catching steadily. The caterpillar held on and held on and held on so that it was a dead heat at the finish line. No wait! It was a dead heat until the marshalls checked with the girl on the finish line; checked to see whether we had won by 2 or 3 feet. They appreciated their toblerone obviously and so the headship crew were gone and the final beckoned. Sweet. (Dan Newton)
We raced from the middle of the course, in opposite directions, to the ends then had to spin and race back to the middle. First past the middle post won it all. What a cool race plan! After a practise spin or two we marshalled down to face off against a hybrid Emma/CCAT crew. You could see the fear in their eyes and smell it in the air. They had never raced a giant green caterpillar before, they did not know what to expect from such a creature, they had no experience of such a race, they were frightened of the unknown. We capitalised on this fear. A quick row there and back was accentuated by a fabulous 'racing spin'. Ever seen James Bond park his car by screeching round in a big arc from high speed? Imagine that but in green and with oars. A trophy and WINE (X6) were presented to a victorious and unbelievably sexy FaT hybrid caterpillar crew. Suggest this crew rows in the May Bumps? In place of the 1st VIII? I think it would work. (Dan Newton)

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