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Lent Bumps 2004

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Celeste Arrington Powell

Rowed over
I think it's fair to say that today was a bit disapointing in the end. We had a great start and after our first stride (!), settled on 36 heading into the Motorway bridge. We flew towards first post corner, slightly gaining on Pembroke.
After a lovely tight line through first post corner, we continued to gain on Pembroke towards Grassy, and heard our first whistles as we pulled out of Grassy.
We continued to gain on Pembroke along Plough Reach and as we entered Ditton corner we had decreased the distance to half a length.
However, when it came to Ditton corner, we had technical problems that pushed us out of the racing line and lost us about half a length.
We recovered and got moving again on the Reach, but Pembroke had moved away and we were unable to get close again.
Bring on tomorrow.... (Aileen)
Rowed over
Gained half a length off the start, settled nicely into a lovely, more controlled stride and then got our first and second whistles before the plough. We had overlap heading into Ditton but Pembroke pulled away slightly just before the corner avoiding the bump. We pulled it back in the reach and our bows were "dancing" either side of their stern all the way to the railway bridge. But somehow we couldn't finish it off. Still no bump but a much better row overall. Frustrating. (Aileen)
Rowed over
I think that today really drove home the disappointment of yesterday. We had a reasonable start, and did close on Pembroke, but not fast enough. They hit Queens pretty swiftly, meaning we had to easy briefly, then pick it up again for the long and lonely slog home. Not a spectacular row, but we would have needed much more speed to have stood a chance of hitting them on time. (jo)
Bumped Queens'
We rowed the same as yesterday. We hit Queen's just past the Motorway bridge. Job done. (jo)

1. Paddling home bedeck...
2. Setting off home
3. Julie looking happy

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