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Head of the River IVs, Mich Term 2003

1st men's coxed IV (Senior3 IV+)

Coxed by: Rachel Munro

45th of 51 S3 (academic) IV+; 332nd of 504 finishers
Time: 22:25.52
Not a great result, but at least CUWBC didn't beat us ...

After discovering that the Light IV had managed to get all 8 clams for their 4 blades, which were at Cygnet, whilst we were outside Vesta at the other end of the course, and collecting a 'drop' of said clams deposited by agent Ingram, we had a rather uneventful row down to the start, enlivened only by an Eton bow-loader determined to scrape their race number off using my rigger during the hour or so of marshalling.

We eventually spun in front of Goldie VI and proceeded down towards the start line in a leisurely fashion. As we wound up for the start, we noticed that the Goldie boat had decided to position itself about a foot or so off our stern and their cox proceeded to shout abuse at us whilst they moved out to overtake. With him shouting for us to cede the stream (despite the rules stating the opposite), and Rach not taking the slightest bit of notice of his exclamations, the Goldie boat came past us rather too easily and had successfully completed the manoeuvre by Barnes. After this there was a lull in the action, as there was little further threat astern, whilst the Etonian crew ahead had seemingly buggered off into the distance. Some pushes followed before we caught up with a struggling Magdalene II boat and another crew fighting it out. As we were speeding past, a returning boat decided to cross in the wrong place at the wrong time, forcing Rachel to jink sharply out of the stream. Muttering curses under her breath, our usually mild-mannered cox'n urged us on past Chiswick Eyot and Magdalene.

As we approached Hammersmith (Two-thirds gone, apparently) we went for more pushes, but by now were in the middle of no-man's land. With nothing slow enough left ahead of us, and nothing particularly fast behind us, the momentum sagged a bit coming past Harrods, in spite of our best efforts to keep going. Coming past Barn Elms, it became apparent that crew 348, Uni of Hertfordshire (I think) had managed to catch up with us and had us in their sights. Pushing away, we found some more speed and slowed their assault, but they steadily closed further on us as we pushed all the way to the line.
The general feeling in the crew was that it was a reasonable row, but the results show we were 30-40s off the pace. (Matt)
Yes... A rather casual row, in which we had moments where it felt great (mainly when overtaking - which admittedly didn't happen very much!) but mostly a rather slow performance. The most annoying bit was that a bunch of Etonians ('spit') managed to screw us over quite comfortably.
Lovely boating weather, though and a very boring journey through London traffic. (Andrew)

1. 1st IV+ feel the strain

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