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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2003

2nd women's novice VIII

Coxed by: Daniel Francis

1st round
Beat Sidney Sussex C (easily)
A slightly frantic start in which Sidney looked strong soon gave way to long, powerful strokes from the team and the other boat began to recede into the distance. A long initial push gave 1st & 3rd a comfortable lead and a gradual wind down "Down four... down two... down two" at around half distance led to a very gently rowed cruise to victory, to the accompaniment of the "Hi ho" song and much merriment all round. (Daniel)
2nd round
Beat Newnham B (very easily)
Our girls looked professional and unphased from the start, despite Lilie going a worrying shade of blue as Newnham faffed about trying to line up for about 20 minutes. The 2nds proved to be made of stronger stuff though and rowed a convincing and powerful race, bringing the rating down about 12 by the end, as we paddled across the finish line over 20 lengths ahead. The girls were disapointed to have had no real competition in either round - but onto tomorrow where they will be put to the excellent day of superb rowing - keep it up! (Danae)
Quarter finals
Beat Robinson by 1/2 length
This was a difficult one as the conditions on the reach were shocking. The first start was great, Daniel holding a brilliant line despite their proximity to the bank, and the crew pulling away smartly from 'Binson. Unfortunately Binsons start drove them straight into us, and a restart was ordered. The crew were taken somewhat by suprise by the second start, but edged away despite not rowing their usual calm best. By the railway bridge Binson looked like they might take it back, but a determined push for the finish and a Binson crab secured us the win. (jo)
Semi finals
Beat New Hall (easily)
There isn't much to say. The girls rowed well, and were able to row over half the course at sub race speed as New Hall C (who deserve credit for getting into the semi's) never really got away from the bank. They were able to cross the line comfortably with no-one rowing... (jo)
Very good race, really - after a VERY dodgy start in which Lilie was backing up to straighten the boat, the cox's (Daniel's) hand was up and he was calling to the marshals, and the yellow vest dude called the start anyway... The team soon settled down after a panicked flurry and produced some top-notch rowing.

New Hall had an intimate encounter with the bank and so the last 100m of the race was taken on stern four, with stern pair giving us the final push before we easied over the line (much to the lack of amusement of the marshals).

It was unfortunate that the race wasn't as gripping as the one before or after, but New Hall had some bad luck at the start and deserve congratulations for making it through as a C team. (Daniel)
Beat Clare (~2 lengths)
A very convincing row, against a very good Clare crew. The crew combined the calmness of the semi final with the grit of the quarter, and refused to let Clare take back the length that they had taken over the course of the reach. This win was well deserved and well earnt. Well done! (jo)

1. Round 2
2. Round 1
3. Stern 5 and Daniel

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