The Club's Results

Molesey Amateur Regatta, Summer 2003

BPBC scratch IV+ (Senior2 IV+)

BPBC 1st men's IV
in Scylla
bow Graham Fisher 2 Dominic Beary
3 Jon Bevan str Chris Ingram

Coxed by: Kate MacGregor

1st round
lost by 2 and a half lengths
Time: 3:21
Having now had some firm pressure experience we hoped this race would be a little tidier. However, we were now in S2 so were likely to be totally outclassed.

Our start was a vast improvement in that the boat remained with 10 degrees of the horizontal and we even held the crew for the first 30 seconds or so as we wound to 42ish and strode to 37. The rate settled down to 35 as dictated by unfitness but we managed to find something approaching a rhythm as the opposition slowly rowed away from us.

We had agreed that if they were clearly better than us then we would just treat it as a piece and so we did, surprisingly managing to maintian the rate at 35 if not the cover.

We had some minor shipwrecks in the middle of the race on some mildly choppy water and our attempt to push the end a bit left the rowing very scrappy as we crossed the line.

However, we reckon we were about 2 lenghts quicker than in the first race so hopefully we can continue to improve and become non-embarrassingly bad by Peterborough. (Ingram)

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