The Club's Results

Bedford Quarts Regatta, Summer 2003

FaT/BPBC composite (Senior3 IV+)

Miscellaneous men's IVs
bow Rich Dewire 2 Matthew Byrne
3 Jon Davies str S. M. Knight

Coxed by: Kate MacGregor

Quarter finals
lost to Curlew (1 1/4 l)
We stayed in contact for the first 400m where we were maybe 1/2l down, but then died towards the end. It felt very heavy, and we didn't move very well. Lost to Hogley again... (JPD)
My second race of the day, after losing to Madgalene in the S4 IV+, and we again lost to the eventual winners in the first round. A Hogley-inspired Curlew crew were the victors this time round. Not really a great row at all. (Matt)

1. Margin of defeat

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