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Bedford Quarts Regatta, Summer 2003

A 600m side-by-side race on the Ouse in Bedford, from the suspension bridge to the BRC clubhouse
Sun 13th July

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FaT/BPBC composite, Senior4 IV+

Quarter finals
lost to Magdalene (1/3 l)
More or less level-pegging until 400m when their (probable) extra fitness allowed them to move away slowly and win.
Magdalene went on to win; however, we were closer to them than the competitors they faced in later rounds, so perhaps the draw could have been kinder to us. (Simon)
We didn't quite have the ability to beat the eventual winners Magdalene, but they'd actually had an outing or two together beforehand. We gave them their closest race of the day, however, and there wasn't really much between the two crews. (Matt)
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FaT/BPBC composite, Senior3 IV+

Quarter finals
lost to Curlew (1 1/4 l)
We stayed in contact for the first 400m where we were maybe 1/2l down, but then died towards the end. It felt very heavy, and we didn't move very well. Lost to Hogley again... (JPD)
My second race of the day, after losing to Madgalene in the S4 IV+, and we again lost to the eventual winners in the first round. A Hogley-inspired Curlew crew were the victors this time round. Not really a great row at all. (Matt)

1. Margin of defeat

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FaT/BPBC composite, S3 2-

Quarter finals
beat Milton Keynes (1/2 l)
My first race steering a boat off a stakeboat.
Start was ok, although we probably could have settled two pips lower. Our course wasn't dead straight, but luckily neither was the opposition's and thus we managed to meander down the course without crossing the buoys or touching the wall quicker than the Milton Keynes pair.
Out of the eight oarsmen in the semi-finals, only one was not a current Cambridge student... (Simon)
Semi finals
lost to Wolfson/Darwin (NRO)
Some dodgy steering from both crews resulted in the Simons scraping the bank after the other pair had moved into their lane. (JPD)
A really nice start saw us take clear water off Wolfson/Darwin despite starting behind them on the stagger. This was followed by a much better settle into a very nice rythm. However, we were taking a fairly tight line along the Boathouse station wall, which became a bit too tight after about 250m. We pushed off, regrouped, and still led as we came across the weir. However (and in my defence, so many crews have done the same), I forgot that the wall after the weir sticks out 4 feet more than before and only shouts from the bank averted the collision.
By now, Wolfson/Darwin had taken the lead, but had crossed into our lane to do so. As we took it off again, I distinctly heard someone shout "disqualification", and given this and the presence of Darwin/Wolfson two lengths in front in front of us, we paddled to the line to appeal. Annoyingly, the umpires said we weren't impeeded and so the result stood.
On returning to the trailer we noted that the rudder had become set off-straight, explaining the constant drift to bowside.
Despite this result, a very enjoyable couple of races which went surprisingly well. Two lessons:
(a) Always check your rudder strings before each race, not just at the start of the day;
(b) Don't stop rowing flat out until you either cross the finish line or bump the crew that have moved into your lane. (Simon)

1. Simons in action
2. Simon appeals after ...

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FaT/Caius Composite, S3 2-

Lost to FaT/Kings composite
An interesting race. It was both Oli and my first attempt at racing in a pair and about our 5th row together. We had a start of sorts and were tonking along at about 38 after our second stride. we did manage some sort of rhythm in there but it was pretty well hidden. I think it might have ended up quite a close race except that I managed to guide us into the bank on two seperate occasions. oh well better luck next time. (Dan)
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