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Kingston Amateur Regatta, Summer 2003

Miscellaneous men's IVs (Senior3 IV+)

Miscellaneous men's IVs
in Michael Longford
bow Simon Blackburn 2 S. M. Knight
3 Daniel Holland str Jon Davies

Coxed by: Sarah Blackburn

Semi finals
lost to Granta (3/4 l); beat Thames (lots)
The start saw us lose about 1/2 length to Granta, but we dropped Thames pretty quickly. The race was fairly uncomfortable - we were rowing at what I would call a sluggish 38. We drew back level with Granta with about 300m to go, but then hit some nasty wash from a cruiser and completely fell apart from there to the finish. (JPD)
Can't really let mention of this race go past without drawing attention to the moments prior to boating. We had arranged for a very last minute sub on the Friday night when our planned cox had pulled out; however, we didn't realise quite how last minute the sub would be. Sarah had been delayed with outings downstream at Mortlake and arrived at the regatta as we were putting the boat on the water. Which we were doing under the direction of our sub-sub cox, Mr G Fisher.
Granta won their final easily: we came closer to them than anyone else in S3. So it was especially disappoinintng (although no fault of Sarah, who we always knew was going to be late) that we didn't have the chance to go for a bit more of a practice paddle. (Simon)

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