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Lent Bumps 2003

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Honey Duan

Rowed over Head
Despite a somewhat shaky start with bow side having an encounter with the bank, we managed to get it back together nicely and pulled away from King's II who never had a chance after that. Especially as Peterhouse II were coming up on them. It was one of those lovely rowovers at head where we got to see, somewhere in the distance, the crew chasing us (well, behind us at least) get bumped. Good view from the stroke seat, anyway. (Dan B)
Bumped Hughes Hall as sandwich boat
Having stroked the 4th last year as well and been disappointed of a place in the third division because of a Hughes Hall rugby boat, it was quite pleasing to see them marshalled opposite the P&E: a lot smaller than last year. And a lot slower as it turned out. Despite the lack of a pole at station 18, we caught up on them quickly off the start, and soon went from half a length, to a quarter, canvass, and then the glorious overlap. A nice, easy first bump for most of the crew (and well deserved). I was just left wondering why we couldn't have done that last year. Something to ponder on as we rowed back with ivy wreathes (my Aeneid lecturer's obsessed with them), as well as the fact that finally, after several years of trying, FaT 4 was finally in the third division. For the next day now, though, to consolidate and strengthen that position. (Dan B)
Bumped Corpus II
From the moment our cox, Honey, and I saw the daft flamingo sitting on Corpus II's bows, we were determined they were going down. However, there was some concern about the new sandwich boat, Peterhouse II. Despite clearly being slower than us on the first day when they bumped King's, they were doing some bizarre psyching-up routines down at the lock as the minute gun fired. This mental preparation seemed, however, only to last for their draw strokes as we came smoothly away from them on our wind. Very quickly we could forget about them and concentrate on Corpus, as we now had half a length on them. A few pushes later and this was translated into overlap. They could have conceded a lot earlier; apparently 'overlap' was something of an understatement. Anyway, we got them officially just under the motorway bridge. Another smooth bump. However, we soon had reason to fear Peterhouse again as the echo under the bridge and the traffic in general made pulling in difficult, especially as Peterhouse decided they could bump us still and so came in on the side we were pulling in. When their cheers died down after I told their bowman (now sitting beside me) that they hadn't bumped and in fact still had to row over, all that was left was a crunch as their bow made misplaced contact with our 7 man's rigger, and their 2 man's blade with Honey's back. Just a small hole in their boat (sorry about that), but we were fine ;-p There's nothing like a bit of drama on the river. (Dan B)
Bumped Clare Hall
Firstly, I feel I need to make a public apology to both Corpus II and Peterhouse II for the comments in my last race report. They in no way represent the views either of FaT 4 or of FaT as a whole, and I am very sorry for confusing the pelican for a flamingo and questioning the value of unconventional psychological motivation exercises. To the contrary, both crews should be commended for these exemplary displays (and for some pretty gutsy rowing too, it must be said).

Anyway, having offended most of the third division as it would seem, I'll keep this short (like our race, in fact). Today was Clare Hall, who managed to break a rigger off their practice start. Having fixed it just in time for the guns, we had them before the motorway bridge. This time we actually managed to clear the river and could watch the exciting race between Corpus and Peterhouse. Well rowed, both of you (am I forgiven yet?). I still can't believe anyone actually reads my reports anyway... (Dan B)
Overbumped by Caius III
Like all the best things in life (Homeric ring composition, the Great Court Run, etc etc), we finished where we started. This was not a good day, all things considered. We had a bad start, and never really found a decent rhythm, the boat being heavy beneath us. With Clare Hall and Peterhouse II bumped out behind us, a very strong Caius III were going for the overbump. Even as we were slowly edging closer to Sidney II, they were coming up on us. Who can tell how the Fates might have spun this particular thread? But coming into Grassy, one of the three sisters took her shining scissors and cut that thread. In other words: there was a boat in the way, we couldn't get round, and crashed into the bank. We never managed to get it back together again after pushing off, and Caius took the overbump just on the corner of the Plough. Let it be remembered, however, that we are still the highest fourth boat on the river (though there's only so many times you can say that and be taken seriously). Looks like FaT 4 will be seeing that flamingo/pelican hybrid again next year. As Horace once said, Quid sit futurum cras, fuge quaerere, et/quem Fors dierum cumque dabit, lucro/adpone [Odes 1.9 13-14]. Silly old fool. (Dan B)

1. Catching the outflow
2. Three bumps in three...
3. Bow 5 with Greenery

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