First and Third Trinity Boat Club
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Mich Term 2002

BPBC 1st men's VIII

Head of the Charles (Club VIIIs)

1. Splendid isolation
2. On the recovery
3. Maris & Al

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Fairbairn Cup (Invitation VIIIs)

1st (apparently), no hang on; 2nd (maybe)
Time: 14:56
Amazing wormhole action! (Dubya)
Official time - 13:06 [by the webmaster]
Our original guess at the time was something like 15:06. The official time published on the day was 13:06. They must have realised that this was somewhat erroneous, and sneakily changed the published result at a later date to 14:56 (which was correct according to their website on 25/9/03, but don't be surprised if it's changed...). (Rose the Twat)

1. Right - No-one's loo...
2. Come on lads, if we ...

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