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May Bumps 2002

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: S. E. Richards

Rowed over
Relaxed and confident row down, and a good hard start and first few minutes. Christs were too slow though, and Robinson hit them as we sat within a length.
Rowed the course looking for the cheeky overbump, and a bit of firm pressure practice, and established a good rhythm to take into tomorrow's race (Jon)
This was a good start to the week; the disappointment at failing to bump is tempered by knowing that we put in a very solid row and could have done nothing more, Christ's making a mockery of their excellent HoRR result by succumbing to Robinson, on whom we were closing, within a couple of minutes. Bring them on tomorrow. (Neil)
Bumped Christ's
Mark Hall, our coach for much of term, summed up the plan: "Absolutely no complacency - there's no way Christ's can be that bad again". We made a fast start, were at a length after 5 strokes, had overlap at top station, and made the bump before First Post. Mark, they really were THAT bad.

Bring on Binson -- amusingly they missed Tit Hall today. (Simon)
Look, how am I supposed to rid myself of adrenaline in forty strokes? Suggestions on a postcard please. (Neil)
Rowed over
Starting just beyond the bridge, a good, but not outstanding, start saw us close quickly on Robinson, being three quarters of a length in deficit at First Post Corner. Despite some scrappy rowing, pushes up the Gut and round Grassy Corner allowed us to close to a quarter of a length. At some point in Plough Reach we had overlap, but were unable to close for the bump, and by Ditton Robinson had edged away slightly. Once into the reach they moved away from us, and by the railway bridge were safe. A very disappointing failure, and one for which we are determined to make amends tomorrow. (Neil)
Bumped by St. Catharine's
We paid for our profligacy yesterday by being bumped at the Railings by St Catharine's.

Nothing else to say. Gutted. (Neil)

1. Rounding first post ...
2. At first post corner
3. In first post reach

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