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May Bumps 2002


Coxed by: B. A. Kirmani

Rowed over
After initial equipment failure, involving a cox box being passed from Trinity->Magdalene->Clare->Trinity, we had a controlled row up to our station, including a very quick practice start in Plough Reach.

After spinning, we drew into the wrong station, but were quickly ousted by Homerton and their shifty looking bank party.

Our start was fairly neat and powerful, and we settled into a good rhythm, with lots of work going down in the water.

Behind us, Homerton closed slightly to about a length, whilst ahead Girton pulled away. Just before Grassy, Homerton bumped out, leaving us with the challenge of making up several lengths on Girton to claim our bump. However, ahead of them Queens' were just too slow and Girton unfortunately bumped out in Plough Reach.

We continued to row powerfully and it initially looked set to be a fairly comfortable row over. We had not accounted for the very speedy Catz crew behind us however, who gained continuously around Ditton and on the Reach. Thankfully, they had to finish at the Railway Bridge, by which time they were within a canvas. Coming under the bridge, we wound it down and collapsed, relieved, on the other side momentarily before being reminded that we had yet to finish.

A gentle paddle took us (almost) to the finish at Peter's Posts, before we were again told that we had _still_ not finished! (Thanks Neil).

We therefore rowed over, with excitement and variation provided kindly by Catz, and their failed overbump attempt!

Well done everyone, and thanks very much to our enthusiastic bank party. :)

Roll on tomorrow; Queens' - we're coming to get you! (Becca)
Bumped by Jesus III
We had a slight 3-way crew change today due to a 1st viii rower being unable to row, and therefore Jenny was moved up for today's races and we had a sub (on the wrong side!) which involved some alterations to crew order.

However, once the t-shirts had also been swapped so that the numbers were in the correct order once more, all seemed generally much happier, and we set off to row up to the start.

Our practice starts were solid and pretty quick, and the row up was generally together and powerful.

Once we'd spun, the time seemed to run out very quickly and before we knew it, we were racing again (hang on - didn't we do this yesterday?!). The start was better than yesterday, and we pushed into Queens' to reduce the distance to a length. However, Jesus behind us were also closing.

Unfortunately, a blade popped out of its gate in First Post Reach which led to a rather major crabbing incident. Soon Jesus' bows were all to close for comfort, and despite a gutsy, if a little desperate, push from the remaining 6 rowers, we were sadly bumped.

Being Jesus meant they weren't allowed greenery however - ha. This slightly sweetened the blow for me at least. ;-)

Tomorrow we have a determined and fast Catz crew chasing us, who are presumably looking to demolish us after we cruelly denied them their overbump yesterday, and an equally quick Jesus crew ahead, who are on for their blades. We shall just have to wait and see what happens... (Lardy)
Bumped by St. Catharine's II
Unfortunately Catz were a much faster crew, and despite our efforts, they got us just past the motorway bridge. :( (Amelia)
It was Catz II that bumped you. Well done to escape on wednesday, I think you have Baz's brilliant quick thinking and steering to thank; our cox is very impressed (Esther)
Bumped by Vets School
Arriving at the start to find an empty station behind us, we suspected at first that Vet School had scratched, but they did turn up and with several (reportedly 4) Blues in their boat. While this only added to the impression we had gained from the previous days' results that we were likely to get bumped, I set off determined to give my best.

We held them at 1/4 length away for a bit, and reportedly even gained a little on the Catz crew who bumped us so quickly yesterday, but the effort required to do this was unsustainable and we were bumped before First Post Corner. (Becky)

1. The crew t-shirts
2. Rounding first post ...
3. From the motorway br...

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