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May Bumps 2001

3rd men's VIII

Coxed by: Kate MacGregor

Bumped by Selwyn II
The Gentlemen of the 3rd VIII convened this afternoon, and once aquaintances had been made, paddled to the start.
A glorious afternoon, a leisurely row and the thought of a pub stop on the way home were marred only by broken seats, rudders and riggers.
Still, our practice start could have been worse; the real one was. Rudely bumped by Selwyn II somewhere before Grassy, we at least were able to retain enough energy to make it back to the Fort St George. (Dom)
Rowed over
Gentlemen should not have to row over. Simple as that. Today it happened, Girton II might have got within distance after our smooth but 'leisurely' start, but by the end they were trailing by 4 lengths.
The crew was v. disgruntled about having to row the whole course, not being able to stop off at the P&E made matters worse; post race debriefing had to take place at the Plough. Such is life. (Dom)
Triple overbumped by Homerton
An untidy plough reach before Homerton charged in to view cost the crew dear; thereafter panic spread as it became clear that their new pursuers were absolutely flying.... Had the crew realised they only needed to pass Peter's Posts they may yet have held on - but fell apart and were hit pretty much on the finishing line. Particularly disappointing after the good row over yesterday. (Martin)

1. Smiling for the camera
2. Rounding Grassy
3. First Post Corner

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