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May Bumps 2001

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Chris Pedder

Rowed over
We had a nice row up to the start, despite having had a slight earlier panic about whether Margot (who the 3rd VIII were using) would be back in time, which she was, and had a couple of minutes after spinning to relax and focus.
We were slightly unprepared for the gun, and as a result did not get quite as good a start as we would have liked, but we soon settled into a nice rhythm and prepared to bump Downing.
For quite a while there were screams from the bank telling us that Downing were fading and kippering and spannering, but despite this there were no hooters, and no stern to be seen!!
It then became apparent that in fact Downing had overbumped in front of us, and we then realised that a row-over was going to be necessary. Jesus took a very good line around the corners and gradually started to come up on us, and at the top of the reach they were only about a canvas away. We gritted our teeth and kept going, but their boat got ever and ever closer, as we both zig-zagged down the reach. They had overlap on us for a lot of the way, but due to Chris' excellent coxing and our determination, along with cries of 'you can do it, you are better than them, you are stronger than them!!' every time a bump seemed almost inevitable, we managed to pull away just enough to avoid it. After what seemed like forever, we were told that we only had 15 strokes to go, and we all gave it everything we had left. I don't think I have ever been more relieved than when I saw Simon Blackburn's arm coming down as our stern passed under the railway bridge, confirming our row-over.
Tomorrow we have the joys of whatever rubbish Downing overbumped down to us; we'll show them just what we're made of!! (Lardy)
Rowed over
We had a pretty good start, but did not wind as high as we perhaps could have done, and therefore did not take much, if anything, off Homerton II at the start. Jesus IV behind us were bumped by Girton II just under the motorway bridge, and from then on all we had to concentrate on was the bump.
As much as we pushed, we never really closed Homerton down to less than a length, except at one point past Grassy when apparently we were within 2/3rds length.
Once we were beyond the railway bridge, there was nothing chasing us at all, and we were still striving to catch Homerton up. However, in the end, the bump eluded us, and again we had an exhausting row-over right up to the line.

Tomorrow we have a fast Girton crew chasing who will be hoping to bump us, but if we start well and push away into Homerton, hopefully we'll be rowing home with greenery. :) (Lardy)
Bumped Homerton II
Now what did I say yesterday about greenery . . . :)
Well, this is going to be brief. We span at the lock on the 4 minute gun, prepared ourselves and were pushed out, ready to face the opposition.
We got a much better start than on the previous 2 days, winding to 43(!) - thanks Lara - and settled well. Pretty much as soon as we had settled into our race rhythm, our bank party were tooting their hooters. Despite a couple of minor mishaps (airstrokes, falling off seat etc - let's not worry about those), the hooters continued, as we reeled the Homerton boat in. First one hooter, then two, then three, then continuous, all in the space of under a minute, and before we had really started our race it was over with the wonderful sound of 'hold it up!'
Yes, we bumped!! Somewhere between the Motorway Bridge and First Post Corner. Yippee!!
Margot's bow unfortunately took a bit of a beating from the bank (sorry, Iain), but it was for a good cause. We adorned ourselves with greenery and had a nice relaxed row home - a much longer row home than we have been used to, but hey, that's bumping for you (I'm certainly not complaining). :)

Tomorrow, Girton II ahead of us (they overbumped today) will provide some tough opposition, but we CAN get them. If they happen to bump out before we've got them, we'll be going for the overbump on Pembroke II (I think). Bring it on!!!! (Lardy)
Rowed over
We rowed over. I will write more once I have had a shower and a bit of sleep. Ra ra ra!! (Lardy)
Girton let us down... The rat bags should have bumped downing ahead of them, and then we could have bumped Queens. We got bored and Homerton TRIED to get us back for yesterday... ha, ha, ha... (R. J. Reed)

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