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Lent Bumps 2001

5th men's VIII

Coxed by: Andy Wong

Bumped by CCAT II
After a strong start, when we pulled to within half a length of Emma III, we were unable to hold off a strong CCAT crew, who bumped us before first post corner. (Andy)
Rowed over
The fifth VIII were starting off in front of Sidney III who had bumped St. Edmunds I yesterday as a result of the latter forgetting their life jacket and not being allowed to row. Thus it was anticipated that they would quickly bump back. However, this was not the focus of attention. The boys themselves had quite a good start and held distance. The stride failed to materialise, and it took alot of of cajoling from the cox and bank party to settle into a race rhythm. This was achieved by about First Post, but by then Sidney had moved up to about 2/3 length (St. Eds were nowhere to be seen). Once the good race rhythm was established, they bagan to pull away again, and were just outside distance going down Plough Reach. A little confusion as to where the finish was (from us) and a big push (by Sidney) saw them close to within a length, but we held on through both posts and on into the reach until some SUs persuaded them to take it down. A great row over, and Emma III had better watch out tomorrow (they were bumped by CCAT II in front). (Tom Rose)
Rowed over
We were starting of behind Emma III, who had been bumped by CCAT II yesterday, and in front of Sidney III who we rowed over with yesterday. We made a good start, settling in to a race rhythm much earlier than the day before. Sidney didn't manage to get as close to us as yesterday, and were bumped by Caius IV, close to the motorway bridge.
Emma made a better start that when we chased them on Tuesday. We gained on them slightly down first post reach, but they proved themselves the faster crew finishing about 4 lengths ahead of us. (Sam)

1. From the motorway br...
2. From the motorway br...
3. First Post Corner

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