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Lent Term 2001

2nd men's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (Lower VIIIs)

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Head of the Nene

49th of 66 men's VIIIs, 4th of the 6 college 2nd VIIIs
Time: 21:35
behind Emma II, Caius II and Downing II whilst beating LMBC and Pembroke [by the webmaster]

1. Sitting on the bank
2. Racing - side view
3. Side view to far sid...

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Robinson Head (Lower VIIIs)

13th overall, 2nd to Caius II in the 2nd division (by 11s), beating LMBC II (8s), Corpus I (9s) and Churchill (10s)
Time: 9:08
The crew bounced back from almost two weeks off the river with a storming row and their best race performance to date. [by the webmaster]
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Pembroke Regatta (2nd division)

2nd round
Men's 2nd division, Second Round (meadow)
Although the win was by a fairly decent margin, it was agreed that the standard of rowing was quite poor, and didn't approach the control of the row in Friday's Robinson Head. [by the webmaster]
3rd round
Won against LMBC II (1/2 a length)
After a quick malt loaf lunch ATBH we were back in action. They had a very quick start, and soon were about half a length up to us, but our focus remained in our own boat and we started to come back at them. Coming into the railway bridge we were about level, there was a bit of a blade clash and we pulled ahead to win by about half a length - a hard but very satisfying race. [by the webmaster]
Semi finals
Lost to Emmanuel II
After the action with Maggie we were cold, wet and tired, but off the start with Emma we had some of our best rowing of the day. Unfortunately though they pulled away and won the race. Overall the day's racing was useful to identify our strengths and weaknesses to provide a focus for next week's bumps preparation. (Chris)
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Lent Bumps

Bumped Jesus II
The start was exciting. Despite (or perhaps because of) Jon specifically telling me not to do it, I found myself watching the chain as it went taut and I felt the boat swing around. But there was nothing I could do about that, so I waited for the gun. First stroke was dodgy - boat not very balanced - but after that it seemed to go well. The first horn didn't come soon enough, but once it was there, and the one minute pain barrier had been breached, the race seemed to fly by, and we were on three horns after grassy. Powering down Plough Reach, I was surprised not to be able to hear Jesus II splashing around, but this was probably down to the noise our significant bank party was making. In a classic Ditton manoevre, we sneaked into the inside and got them on the corner. Hoorah. Celebration occured a little early and we should have cleared faster. I learnt how to make a hat out of foliage. Neil had trouble breathing so he threw my water bottle in the river. No matter. Bring on Thursday. (Guy)
This was a great race to watch. The boys had a very neat start, but Jesus did well to hold them roughly on distance up First Post Reach from the start at Little Bridge. From the Head station onwards 1st and 3rd very gradually reeled them in and enjoyed their neat but hard earned bump rounding Ditton. Meanwhile the four or five crews directly ahead were all rowing long races too..... (Martin)
Bumped Chrst's II
It had been decided that the row against Jesus II, whilst producing the goods, had been a little too unsustainable; therefore we decided to go for a longer race strategy, as we knew we were faster than them. This was probally done a little too well....
We had a good start, closed *reasonably* consistently to about half a length off at Ditton. Christ's then put in a good push, pulling away slightly (to ~3/4 l). We then decided to take as long as possible rowing them down, eventually hitting them at the Railway bridge. (Will Thorne)

1. First post reach
2. From the motorway br...
3. Racing through the Gut

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