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Mich Term 2000

1st men's novice VIII

Cambridge Winter Head, Trial Crew

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Cambridge Winter Head

6th or 7th fastest novice boat - crashed on Grassy with a broken rudder string
Time: 11:56
The famous Grassy corner incident involving the new Novice VIII "Peter Brandt" was caught on film - follow the link to the Disasters page to see it! [by the webmaster]
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Clare Novice Regatta (1st division)

Quarter finals
Won (about 5 lengths) against CCAT
CCAT were one of the better opponents of the day, and the bank party decided it would be a good opportunity to practice going at race pressure for the whole course. [by the webmaster]
Won (about 5 lengths) against First and Third B
For the second time in the day, the 1st VIII decided to go flat out all the way for this one. Winners of the Clare Novices 2000 - in style. [by the webmaster]

1. Near the start
2. Approaching the rail...
3. 1st and 2nd novice b...

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Novice Fairbairn Cup

2nd to Jesus I
Time: 9:21
I'd be lying if I said I could remember much about this race, but I remember Jesus won by about a second or two, which was very disappointing. I reckon the current didn't help us. It had rained the night before, and for whatever reason, we rowed in the afternoon rather than the morning with everyone else. Still, after the events of earlier in the term, it was nice to get around grassy in Peter Brandt.

Yup, my recollection is amazingly poor. Clearly as Dubya pointed out, we would have finished before Grassy. I expect I was probably relieved to get round Chesterton as well, after the, umm, aforementioned event :-o Apologies, didn't intend to suggest it was anyone's fault we raced when we did. Just one of those lessons learnt that I thought I'd put down, especially while Tom C seems to be revisiting past results. (Andy)
Sorry Andy, it was down to me that you raced in the afternoon and not the morning. When someone (don't recall who) asked a couple of days before the race if it were possible to race in the afternoon, I decided to arrange a division swap rather than just say no, on the basis that the weather report suggested conditions would be calmer in the afternoon, and also because you'd be able to start at the front of the division and be less vulnerable to traffic (since the previous year's finish position had been so poor -- you would have started 15th!). Didn't think about the stream; should have.

Also I don't think you went around grassy in this race; perhaps it's Chesterton you're thinking of? (Dubya)
Does anyone else like the way the first two photos show a future CULRC president and Goldie colour looking particularly unimpressive?! (RTT)

1. By Chesterton (B&W)
2. From Above by Emma
3. By Emma

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Fairbairn Cup (Lower VIIIs)

35th of 44 mens VIIIs
Time: 14:52
Beating a college 1st VIII (Magdalene) can't be bad! [by the webmaster]

1. By Emma
2. By Chesterton (B&W)
3. From above by Emma, ...

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