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Henley Royal Regatta, Summer 1998

1st men's VIII (Temple Cup)

Coxed by: Brad Parr

1st round
Beat LMBC (1/4 length)
What a draw this was!

We had been fired up since the draw was announced. Both crews were made up from their 1st and 2nd May VIIIs who had been successful so we knew it would be close. Stokes, our coach, devised a plan to race steadily and make our killer move at the halfway mark with a 60 second push.

We set off a little scrappily and were level with Maggie after the start. The next 4 or so announcements by the commentator were that the crews were level - it was an astonishingly close race. At the halfway mark and with there never having been more than a metre or so between the crews we lifted it up and after the minute were half a length ahead. Unfortunately, the anticipated demise of the Maggie confidence never came and they continued to close back on us for the rest of the course, which was unpleasant. Luckily the finishing line arrived as they were really starting to gain but we were still a few metres in front.

It was not a pretty race but we had beaten the Maggie scum so that was all that counted. Apparently it was the first close race of that year's regatta. (Ingram)
2nd round
Lost to Isis (5 lengths)
We had seen the draw and knew we had no chance. However, this did not stop Marnold assuring us that we could still do it as we rowed down.

However, Brad was thinking like us and was only interested in having fun. Referring to the blade clash in the Goldie-Isis race that had cost Goldie their 6-man and the race, he turned the cox box up to max and declared "We know the only way Isis can beat Cambridge crews is to blade clash so everyone hold onto their blades tight".

This obviously angered Isis and thanks to both coxes a blade clash nearly happened again with Brad gleefully declaring "They're doing it again!". Alas, they were now intent on winning by as much as possible and soon disappeared ahead of us. Possibly as a result of our goading they never wound it down and hence thrashed us by 5 lengths! (Ingram)

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