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Title: Easter Holidays Rowing 2021
Email: easterrowing at
No. of members: 45
Description: A group to communicate with people in Cambridge wanting to row over the Easter break in 2021
Owned by: Savannah Dixon
The group's members are selected by the group's owner
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Current group members

  1. Suf Amichay
  2. Ilsu Erdem Ari
  3. Rosie Baish
  4. Luke Barratt
  5. Ankit Bhattarai
  6. Trevor Chow
  7. Savannah Dixon
  8. David Eagleson
  9. Tisal Edirisinghe
  10. Máté Fehér
  11. F.H. Feilden
  12. Joseph Fennel
  13. Julia Frieberger
  14. Urs Haeusler
  15. Hannah Herbert-Owen
  16. Neil Ibata
  17. Shavindra Jayasekera
  18. Bethany Ladd
  19. Jonathon Lee
  20. Yi Lee
  21. Daniel Leong
  22. George Mears Mears
  23. C.Y. Menon
  24. Sophie Merchant
  25. Ruward Mulder
  26. Bilal Nadeem
  27. Michael Nguyen
  28. Valentina Njaradi
  29. Angela Okafor
  30. Jonathon Ooi
  31. Lauren Park
  32. Josh Payne
  33. Maraia Pickering
  34. Ludovic Pilloux
  35. Elianna Proud
  36. Niket Rajeevan
  37. Simran Rakkar
  38. Misha Schmalian
  39. Anne Schreuder
  40. John Summers
  41. Josephine Tyler
  42. Leo Versteegen
  43. Alessa Weiler
  44. Patrick Winter
  45. Aaron Yuan

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