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The Club's Crews

May Term 2022

If you have an official crew list that is not on the website then please contact me.

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowXander Povey
2Leo Versteegen
3Mihailo Milosevic
4Thomas Frith
5George Mears Mears
6Csongor Beke
7George Canadine
strAngus Callan-Smith
coxConnor Wood
1st women's VIII
in Queen Elizabeth I
bowGabrielle Doyle
2Sophie Harper
3Laila Dell’Anno
4Anne Schreuder
5Philippa Stokes
6Hannah Herbert-Owen
7Matilda Watts
strPolly Shorrock
coxAndrea Sendula
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowMattis Prince
2Máté Fehér
3Krisztian Hunter
4Bogdan Zviazhynski
5Sebastian Malik
6Alexander Dent
7Isaac Flanagan
strMatthew Yoko
coxEmily Man
2nd women's VIII
in Amanda
bowMaraia Pickering
2Elianna Proud
3Valentina Njaradi
4Phoebe Hall
5Lily Kearney
6Ruby Sanders-English
7Isabelle West
strElizabeth Zazycki
coxEmma Nicholas
TCADS (Trinity College Assisted Drifting Society)
in Black Prince
bowAndrew Farquharson
2Kian Moshiri
3Jakob Alwall-Lundberg
4Jonathan Lee
5Thomas Gaertner
6Jonathan Edwards
7Oscar Allen
strPatrick Winter
coxLuke Barratt

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