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Locker Allocation by Kernigit - Fri 1st Feb 2002, 11:39am
John has sent an email out suggesting a policy for locker allocation in which he asks for comments.
My opinion on the matter is that lockers should be given to those people who spend most time at the boat club not on some random lottery. After all the people who spend most time at the boat house will need to keep more stuff at the boat house (e.g. kit, towels, water bottles, maxim, training logs....).
The easiest way that I can see to do this is to look at the speed / ability of oarspeople, although another argument would be to measure improvement.
Another point that should be made is that if people who are heavy users of the boat house are to be deprived of lockers it might be an idea to be more tolerant to kit / other belongings which is left in the changing rooms - i.e. they can't be thrown away at the first possible opportunity!

What does everyone else think? (3 replies...)
Music by The opinion of the entire Baltimore school board - Sat 29th Dec 2001, 4:43pm
I note that Jesus' website ** includes a useful .mp3 file of 80 x 30-second snippets of music, loosely suitable for circuits (ranging from Gorillaz to Duran Duran and the "twisty Levis" ad to B*witched). Anyone able to equip the FaT site with somethjing similar, but more musically credible. It would be good desk-listening music for bored employees and also useful for next Term's FaT circuits. Anyone got any ideas of how we'd replay it in the BH?

** that's the Cambridge College, not the spiritual icon. Although, if it were the laatter, it WOULD add succour to the claim that "God is a DJ". (10 replies...)
Snow by Simon - Wed 26th Dec 2001, 4:06pm
Oh wow, it's snowing on the front page of the website (tables view). How cool.
Gawd bless you Tiny Tim, etc.

OK, the BBC1 trails at the moment feature some toys - a dinosaur, a car, and a white dog with black ears. The dino represents "The Lost World" (Christmas Day, BBC1), the car is a Robin Relliant from "Only Fools and Horses" (Christmas Day, BBC1) and the fact that they are toys represents "Toy Story" (Christmas Day, BBC1). So what's the white dog with black ears from? Or is it just a white dog with black ears?
1st & 3rd vs BPBC by FAT BOY - Sat 1st Dec 2001, 12:05pm
Black Prince Boat Club - comprising FaT old boys, have 2 VIIIs entered in Fairbairns.
I have two prizes up for grabs!
I'll award a bottle of wine (no promises regarding quality but it won't be the cheapest I can find) to the person who most closely predicts the time deficit of BPBC I to the FaT 1st VIII over the Fairbairns course.
Secondly (this is more difficult), another bottle of wine (cheaper!) to the person who most closely predicts the difference between the two clubs of the combined 1st and 2nd VIII times.
My conditions are that the BPBC crew lists are declared (could someone enlighten us? Our 2nd VIII crew list will be on-line as soon as it is decided), and it would be useful to have some idea of what equipment you will be using....
Everyone's final prediction made between now and exactly 2 hours before the 1st race will be considered! (33 replies...)
BPBC vs Gonville by Dubya - Mon 26th Nov 2001, 7:17pm
Aside from the predicted quickness of Boar's Head, BPBC has another rival -- a club that beat them on Tideway last March. Gonville BC. A pint to whoever predicts the time difference between Gonville BC and BPBC I most accurately.
The old websites by mcp - Wed 21st Nov 2001, 12:45pm
People may be interested in seeing the two preceding versions of the FaT website which I have kept for posterity:
pre 1999
1999 - 2000
Various bits and pieces remain from even the first incarnation.
Fisher Ergo Sweepstake by ccsi - Mon 19th Nov 2001, 1:28pm
The legendary 'Standard Deviation Fisher' is doing his first 2k in 2.5 years. But how long will it take?
(9 replies...)
JCBC show respect for the bananamen by dw229 - Sat 17th Nov 2001, 10:03am
Ah...finally someone from JCBC has owned up to what we already knew about last year's Fairbairns (from the CUCBC msg board):

"Jesus 1st Novice boat hold the record for novice fairbairns, 9:13 i think, but this was done with a large amount of help from the stream. They were also very lucky that FaT novices requested to row in the afternoon, which just happened to be when the stream had died down considerably."
Uni IVs results by mcp - Fri 2nd Nov 2001, 10:21pm
Am I right in thinking that the 1st IV gave the winning Christ's crew their closest result of the week?
Am I right in thinking that the 1st IV gave the winning Christ's crew their closest result of the week? (2 replies...)
River flooding by mcp - Tue 23rd Oct 2001, 1:11pm
Here we go again.... has anyone been down at the boathouse today yet - what's it like?
For those who don't know, the river was lapping in to the boathouse again last night. (There was a foot of water in the bays last February, but hadn't been seen for years before that.) What's it looking like today?? I've heard reports that the Anchor pub has been under water again.... (5 replies...)

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