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How much time will you be spending playing BumpIT this week?
No time at all  31%
<5 mins / day  13%
5-15 mins / day  13%
15-30 mins / day  16%
30-60 mins / day  6%
All day  6%
All day and all night  16%
Total: 32 members' votes
by Andy - Tue 13th Jun 2006, 3:51pm
Is the Stomp happening?
by Anything to do with being short - Tue 13th Jun 2006, 5:22pm
Andy said: Is the Stomp happening?
Outraged the question could even be asked -- is there something of which I'm not aware????
Pia, Rachel?
by Martin P - Tue 13th Jun 2006, 5:48pm
Given that even the dinner was in some doubt for a while it doesn't seem that outrageous.
by Munty - Tue 13th Jun 2006, 10:06pm
Yes it is on, but while we still try to prove to College that we are grown ups it's going to be no contact tomorrow morning. Aggression's just going to have to be taken out on the river instead this week...

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