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Links to photos of tragic timing and other comedy rowing

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Jet - Christ's III, Lents 2004 Mike, Mon 1st Mar, 2:20pm
A commendable effort by bow pair to be rowing exactly in time... (2 comments...)
(Apologies to the) CULRC Henley IV jpd, Wed 10th Jul, 12:40pm
How many fingers did you lose? (2 comments...)
Jet - Mays 2002 mjb, Wed 19th Jun, 8:57am
Sam suddenly realised there was a boat behind him ...
Jet Photographic - HoRR A. B. Owsider, Mon 1st Apr, 3:51pm
Look how strokeside's appalling technique has caused the boat to drop down and made all of bowside appear late. (1 comment...)
W1 jmg, Tue 5th Mar, 2:51pm
I recognise of course, that in the strictest sense of the word this picture isn't funny at all (11 comments...)

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