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Links to photos of tragic timing and other comedy rowing

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W1 jmg, Wed 6th Mar, 6:43pm
I recognise of course, that in the strictest sense of the word this picture isn't funny at all (11 comments...)
Redgrave catches a crab Isobel, Tue 5th Mar, 1:48am
Rather old, this one, but in 1999 the GB coxless four and the Australian coxless four rowed together in an eight for some promotional photos - after paddling around for the cameras, they decided to take the rate up - at which point: "The best Veteran-B oarsman in the world promptly caught a massive crab, and his handle knocked him back, leaving him lying flat on his back with his head in Matt Pinsent's lap!" (Article at
Head of the River Fours Video jpd, Sat 19th Jan, 1:49pm
Hopefully this link is correct (can't tell as I'm running a text-only browser until I get my new computer on Monday). Somewhere in there (I think just past the middle) is the FaT Men's IV, showing a Mr. W. A. Thorne catching in perfect time with everybody else. Ahem. There's also some good rowing. Bonus points for anybody who can make out the Leander IV+ with Pinsent and Cracknell in for more than a complete stroke from this quality piece of footage... (1 comment...)
Head of the River 1st Men's IV 2001
../photos/2002/mich2001hor4s.shtm...from spectator, Fri 18th Jan, 3:04pm
1st Fairbairn VIII 2001
../photos/2002/mich2001fc.shtml?5from they're all late, honest, Fri 11th Jan, 6:46pm
Arse. (6 comments...)

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