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How long have you got? ccsi, Thu 17th Jan, 9:11pm
Find out when you'll fall off your perch.

I will apparently kick the bucket on May 17 2058, aged 81. Most likely of cancer or heart disease. (although a 5% homicide chance!) (11 comments...)
Every Rule You'll Ever Need
http://www.everyrule.comfrom Simon, Thu 17th Jan, 1:49pm
A useful little site for settling arguments - nb the 'Shotgun' rules and the massive list of drinking game rules.

I've asked them to add the bumps. (4 comments...)
Wrote. Yesterday's News, Today.
http://www.wrote.orgfrom Mike, Thu 17th Jan, 9:18am
Amused me a lot. Now can anyone out there tell me what "Oterque quarterque beati quis onte ora patrum, Trojae sub moenibus altis" means when translated into English? (7 comments...)
STI@home RTT, Sun 13th Jan, 2:46pm
Remember the SETI@home rush we had a while ago? Well, this is the next step. Rather appropriate for rowers, I feel....
Bushwhacked! dw229, Wed 9th Jan, 10:45am
Quite old now, but a classic realaudio file, courtesy of Chris Morris.

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