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This is how Robin Williams does it Simon, Wed 23rd Mar, 2:20pm
Let us know on Saturday how you did...
by mjb - Wed 23rd Mar 2005, 2:22pm
I managed to injure half my squad on day 1 ...
Hopefully tomorrow will go better.
by Richard - Wed 23rd Mar 2005, 4:05pm
3 of my squad are now injured. I was only doing technical paddling! Does their injury resistance increase over time spent training?
by mjb - Wed 23rd Mar 2005, 4:13pm
I think a bad outing is more likely to result in injuries.
Tried again with another e-mail address, and this time got no injuries, 3 good outings and one sulking git who doesn't want to row tomorrow after I binned him for outing no.3
by not doing work... - Wed 23rd Mar 2005, 4:32pm
AAARGH how dare you post that! I have computing practicals to be handed in on Friday!

*very* addictive... although the coaches seem to be contradicting themselves quite a bit. And my six-man injured himself after one technical outing :o(
by rawd2 - Wed 23rd Mar 2005, 10:29pm
The Australian sports mentality is clearly rubbing off on me - I'm in 11th overall after day one!
(and I particularly like that one of my squad holds the record for crossing the Atlantic - will have to beat him!)
by Simon - Thu 24th Mar 2005, 8:23am
The 10th fittest (had quite a lot of injuries though) - 7 hours training so far - anyone see similarities with my training style!
by pouncepony - Thu 24th Mar 2005, 12:59pm
somehow I'm top of the overall players!
by mjbq - Thu 24th Mar 2005, 1:18pm
pouncepony said: somehow I'm top of the overall players!
You obviously need to do more coaching in real life ...
by pouncepony - Fri 25th Mar 2005, 1:46pm
It's all gone pear-shaped now, half my final 8 are injured
by sam - Fri 25th Mar 2005, 5:56pm
call me naive, but I'm sure that after each outing half the real blue boat doesn't get injured, and then miraculously recover overnight... :p
by Dubya - Sat 26th Mar 2005, 12:13am
sam said: call me naive, but I'm sure that after each outing half the real blue boat doesn't get injured, and then miraculously recover overnight... :p
You're naive!
by I beat Oxford! - Sat 26th Mar 2005, 11:22am
You won!

Your time was 16 minutes and 15 seconds - congratulations!

The course record has gone! Incredible!

Yay! I beat Oxford! They were only ahead for about 5 strokes off the start but my crew were clearly much fitter (as Cambridge rowers are ;o) ) and won by miles (possibly literally... it went from "five lengths - a huge margin" to "a very large distance indeed" to "a phenomenal margin" to "an enormous margin" and finally "a terrific margin and with huge amounts of confidence as the finish line approaches")

Here's to a similar victory tomorrow! (and for the women and lightweights today :oD Does anyone know if I can watch/listen to the Henley races on the internet??)
by me too - Sat 26th Mar 2005, 3:11pm
16 mins 50s
by whooooo! - Sat 26th Mar 2005, 5:03pm
"Cambridge are leading by an insurmountable distance!" - go me! :)

Course record smashed - 15mins 55 secs.
by 4 lengths off the start - Sat 26th Mar 2005, 6:41pm
16m 35s

Cambridge are leading by a distance that shows the gulf in class between these two boats.
by Only 17m 31s - Sat 26th Mar 2005, 6:51pm
But that was with a missed day of training. At least I won.
by Richard - Sat 26th Mar 2005, 8:27pm
16m 36s. Oxford no where to be seen.

Pity about (most of) the Henley Races, seems only Alla won with CUW.

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