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Retro Toys Quiz Neil, Fri 22nd Apr, 10:55am
To aid procrastination... (41 comments...)
Who Should You Vote For? Sarah, Thu 21st Apr, 8:13am
In case you are having trouble deciding. (7 comments...)
Sounds familiar... Simon, Mon 18th Apr, 6:56am
Does that headline remind you of anything? (1 comment...)
Save Toby
http://www.savetoby.comfrom Chris, Fri 15th Apr, 6:57pm
Empty your wallets
Spamusement sat, Tue 12th Apr, 12:14pm
The gold socks have defected! Esther, Sat 2nd Apr, 5:51pm
I apologise.
This is how Robin Williams does it Simon, Sat 26th Mar, 8:27pm
Let us know on Saturday how you did... (17 comments...)
1-D Tetris mjb, Thu 24th Mar, 12:22pm
A pointless twist on an old favourite ... (3 comments...)
Roles of an eight - BBC version Simon, Wed 23rd Mar, 1:27pm
Their description of three is very polite - I guess they couldn't call it the ejector seat...
But otherwise a good guide for beginners to the sport. (2 comments...)
OURCs Simon, Sat 19th Mar, 9:45pm
Will JPD ever be forced to take the same action? (20 comments...)
Bump! Simon, Sat 19th Mar, 2:12pm
The 3rd Court "Contraption" Mike, Fri 11th Mar, 7:59pm
People at St. John's have too much time on their hands. (1 comment...)
For London bufties zoe, Wed 9th Mar, 5:05pm
The Official White House website pia, Wed 9th Mar, 4:42pm
bear in mind: this is the OFFICIAL website. Makes it all the funnier! I especially recommend the tour of the Oval Office given by Doubya Himself.
FrontRower Jacob, Mon 7th Mar, 12:55pm
Row facing forward... hands free, or erg powered
Want to find out more about malt loaf?
www.soreen.comfrom Obsessive about malt loaf, Sun 6th Mar, 1:41pm
There's a new golden syrup flavour one coming out apparently. See website for recipies and more 'soreen' products! (1 comment...)
Weebls Stuff mjb, Fri 25th Feb, 11:08am
Various animations, including Badgers and the Kenya song amongst others.

Anyone who loved Magical Trevor the first time around (allegedly everyone loves Magical Trevor) might be interested to know he's back with a new trick.

Enjoy. (Needs sound)
Boatie messge boards Lilie, Sun 20th Feb, 1:18pm
the changed location of the cucbc/'boatie' boards
The "Cambridge Rowing Message Board" mjb, Tue 18th Jan, 5:25pm
A Disney replacement for the old CUCBC boards
Top 100 rowing sites webmaster, Fri 14th Jan, 3:56pm
A rowing website popularity poll. Apparently by following the link you vote for ours - might be fun for a week or two. Their rules say maximum votes allowed are one per day each. (41 comments...)

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