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22nd Oct '01Tideway Training Campby mcp
Two men's IVs and one women's have spent the weekend training on the tideway in London. Previous captain's Matt Arnold ('98) and James Leake ('95) coached, making use of a Thames Rowing Club launch and video camera. And the club's new IV made its maiden voyage - surviving despite being steered by me, thankfully ;-)
The two days have been peculiarly devoid of major disaster - the worst it got was JPD's car filling with a couple of inches of water as the river side road flooded at the top of the tide on Saturday.
15th Oct '01T-Shirts!!!by dw
The kit order includes t-shirts which should have something exciting on the back. But what?

Suggestions to me pronto please.
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16th Oct '01Kit Orderby dw
(inside college)
(outside college)

...for information. (1 reply...)
30th Sep '01Steering Committee meetsby jwe
The committee met to discuss how to improve the performance of the top end of the Club's men's squad. Adrian Cassidy, chief coach of CULRC, and Peter Brandt, President of the Club, provided very useful input and guidance, which have led to a set of key changes to the structure of the men's squads, the teaching of novices, and the coaching infrastructure for men's rowing. Further details will be distributed at Committee and Men's meetings in the next couple of days.
19th Sep '01MEN'S TRAINING CAMP MTGby jwe
Men's training camp meeting will be held at 6pm in E1 Great Court on Sunday 23 September. Anyone eligible to row for 1st & 3rd (ie, all members of college in statu pupillari) is invited. Those who provided me with their addresses before going down will have received letters, but even those who have not received letters should come if they want to row this term!

Note that if you miss this meeting but are available during training camp week (week to 30 September), then you should get in touch with me as soon as possible to let me know your plans. Note, it's not necessary to come to training camp in order to row the University IVs or Fairbairns this term, but it's highly recommended.

Information on the start of the term's rowing proper will be forthcoming.

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