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Lent Bumps 2024

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: Isabella Fiske Harrison

Rowed over
Rowed away from Queen's fairly comfortably - 7 lengths by the railings. (I was umpiring Queen's, and so had a good view of FaT most of the way). Not enough to catch Clare, but they were within a length a few times. 

The halt to the Lents freefall is excellent, I wish that I could have been in the crew do it. It's a wonderful change to have M1 frustrated not to bump. (Thomas Frith)
Rowed over
Annoying row over, we had overlap with Clare from Ditton for a few minutes. It was a big improvement from yesterday, our start was even better, and we quickly got 3 whistles. Managed to settle into a nice rate of 36, but we need to learn how to row better in the wash. (Csongor Beke)

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