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Bedford Head, Lent Term 2022

M2(a), M2(a) (College VIIIs)

Coxed by: Emily Man

Time: 6:58
M2(a)’s first time gracing an off-Cam race was a roaring success by all measures with 0 crabs caught, the “shake and bake” call debuted, and several pints consumed.

Having worked on our rate builds and rhythm in the preceding week M2(a) was well prepared for the 2k challenge presented by our little away day to Bedford. Departing Cambridge at roughly 7:30am, depending on your form of transport, the journey down to Bedford was one full of mental preparation, reflection on technique, and if you were in Westwood's car, carbs to soak up the alcohol consumed the night before. On arrival, the crew was generally in good spirits, bar Canadine who had been out well past his 9:30pm bedtime the night before! Speaking of 'bar,' Yoko was quick to establish the location of the nearest pub in Bedford, at 8:30am, anticipating the 5 hour gap between the two divisions we were racing in. This was an appropriately prescient move from our resident rocket scientist as after our first performance we were quick to rally the troops and advance on 'the Pilgrim's Progress.' For the record, FaT does not have an unhealthy drinking culture.

Now to report on the actual racing of the day. We had been entered into 2 divisions (the reason for which remains unknown) and so this arguably had an effect mentally on the amount of power the crew laid down in the first run of course. With a strong tailwind, the boys clocked in a respectable 6:58, just 19 seconds behind the try-hards in M1(b) who were fraudulently occupying 804, the rightful boat of M2(a)

The second race was one plagued by rain, a robust headwind and a power-crazed marshal who threatened to disqualify us for spinning early. However, the run was salvaged by a renewed determination to get the legs down following claims by some in M1(b) that they would beat our time by 30 seconds. This determined attitude was topped up of course by Feher's bucket hat and Westwood's bunny ears providing a healthy dose of free speed. A second crab free run featuring deranged cheering from the remaining W1 contingent ( Shorrock, Watts, Harper), the debut of the much-hyped "shake and bake" call from Man, and some laser focus from the boys themselves led to a respectable row that felt generally better than the attempt earlier in the day. Clocking in at 7:03, the boys were just 20 seconds behind M1(b), crushing their half a minute hopes, and once again demonstrating our general supremacy.

We probably failed to get enough RP for HoRR, but the real RP was the friends we made along the way!
(Callum Westwood)

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