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Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2021

1st men's novice VIII (NM1 Division)

Coxed by: Daniel Leong

1st round
Beat Jesus NM1
The first race of Emma Sprints (for NM1) was characterised by two things: pink bodysuits and headbands (for the fancy dress), and a rather haphazard start (crab-filled, mostly in antiphase, and with plenty of air strokes). The headbands would prove to have staying power across the rest of our termly races, while the haphazard starts improved. 
After being put behind by (significantly) more than a length, we proceeded to row in time, gaining rather quickly on Jesus, catching them at halfway, after which they promptly steered into a bush. 
(Thomas Frith)
Quarter finals
Beat Caius NM1
Caius were dressed as bananas. Thanks to the cold and rain (4 degrees), our pink bodysuits were mostly covered, except for the sensible souls who wore plenty of clothes underneath originally.
We were once again put behind by over a length initially, though this time with a much better start. Catching them about three-quarters of the way in, this was the fastest race of our day by far, with at least some rumours suggesting a 2:02, where any of our other races were 2:17 at best. We needed it, as this was not a win with much room to spare.

Post-race, an individual from LMBC came over to thank us for beating Caius, which was pleasant.
(Thomas Frith)

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