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Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2021

500m up the reach. Fancy dress and bribery are recommended!
Sun 21st November

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1st men's novice VIII, NM1 Division

1st round
Beat Jesus NM1
The first race of Emma Sprints (for NM1) was characterised by two things: pink bodysuits and headbands (for the fancy dress), and a rather haphazard start (crab-filled, mostly in antiphase, and with plenty of air strokes). The headbands would prove to have staying power across the rest of our termly races, while the haphazard starts improved. 
After being put behind by (significantly) more than a length, we proceeded to row in time, gaining rather quickly on Jesus, catching them at halfway, after which they promptly steered into a bush. 
(Thomas Frith)
Quarter finals
Beat Caius NM1
Caius were dressed as bananas. Thanks to the cold and rain (4 degrees), our pink bodysuits were mostly covered, except for the sensible souls who wore plenty of clothes underneath originally.
We were once again put behind by over a length initially, though this time with a much better start. Catching them about three-quarters of the way in, this was the fastest race of our day by far, with at least some rumours suggesting a 2:02, where any of our other races were 2:17 at best. We needed it, as this was not a win with much room to spare.

Post-race, an individual from LMBC came over to thank us for beating Caius, which was pleasant.
(Thomas Frith)
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1st women's novice VIII, NW1 Division

1st round
Beat Corpus NW1
Stuffed with pasta courtesy of Daniel’s gyp (a bit cosy for 11 people), NW1 stormed through the first race against Corpus Christi, leaving the opposing boat floundering horizontally, a small specin the distance as we comfortably paddled home over the finish line. The waits between races were short and freezingly cold, meaning that our ‘Snow White and the 8 Dwarves’ costumes had to be obscured under layers of warm kit.  (Phoebe)
Quarter finals
Beat Girton NW1
The second race against Girton was our best – a close, adrenaline filled struggle over the first half of the 500m course, before FaT NW1 managed to push away and win by over a length, feeling jubilant after our first really strong piece of rowing. (Phoebe)
Semi finals
Lost to Trinity Hall NW1
Sadly, despite the unwavering support and original pieces of advice (‘legs!’, ‘square early!’, ‘legs!’, ‘slow is fast!’, ‘legs!’) of the Evil Queen on the bank, the winning streak was short lived. The Trinity Hall dalmatians clawed a narrow victory over a now very cold NW1, who, morale waning, were then beaten again by Caius. (Phoebe)
Plate final
Lost to Caius NW1
As well as being a great set of races for crew bonding, Emma Sprints gave NW1 their first tastes of victory and defeat, and our early wins were a testament to the strength of the coaching we had received.  (Phoebe)
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2nd men's novice VIII, NM2 Division

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2nd women's novice VIII, NW2 Division

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