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Talbott Cup, Lent Term 2020

3rd men's VIII (3rd men's VIIIs)

Coxed by: Gurpreet Karlcut

Quarter finals
Beat Christ's M3
Thrilling. (Ziqi Yan)
After Bumps, one of our regulars injured himself and another decided to gain early immunity to COVID-19 by letting himself get infected. This left two bowsider-shaped holes in our lineup which were duly filled by two strokesiders in the form of Leszek and Ziqi. As a result, our regular Two (who is slightly bisweptual) and our Four (who can't actually row strokeside and decided to see if he can row bowside) moved forward one seat. The conditions were similarly bad to Pembroke but the majority of the racing crews turned up.

At the start, Christ's gained quickly as many air-strokes were taken by our Four-turned-Five who now identifies as "asweptual". However a huge crab from Christ's slowed them massively, and pushed them into us causing a blade clash. From then on, it was a close fight with our boat having considerably more power but rarely being together. We were a a good half a length ahead at the Railway Bridge before Christ's gained quickly, and the finish line couldn't have come sooner.
(Patrick Winter)
Semi finals
Lost to Magdalene M3
Off the line, some of our crew decided air was a better medium to put power down in than water, others decided to try keeping the blade feathered all the time and our Four-turned-Five decided no power was necessary at all until the twelfth stroke. Magdalene were a strong crew and they were quickly gone, and unfortunately stayed gone for the rest of the race. Thankfully they won the finals, and most of our crew belive we would have beat Kings so we claim 2nd place in spirit.

A massive thanks to Leszek and Ziqi for subbing in at very short notice and saving us from having to scratch, and of course thanks to the numerous First and Third members who volunteered as umpires, marshals and other roles, without whom there wouldn't have been a race at all.
(Patrick Winter)

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