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May Bumps 2018

2nd men's VIII

Coxed by: Kerem Ergene

Bumped by Pembroke II
This was really not the result that we wanted nor should have produced. There's always the usual Bumps nerves but this was more than that. The crew has so much speed and we've been putting out some really great starts and pieces recently. 
Unfortunately, we just cracked under the pressure here. We'd moved up on Sidney to 2/3 of a length, the second whistle didn't come, and Pembroke M2 did. 
We really should not have let Pembroke catch us and should have taken out Sidney. Next day.
There was a 5 - boat sandwich in the division with us in the center, meaning that a lot was going to depend on us getting Sidney today.

Unfortunately, after moving to inside a length of Sidney off the start, we struggled to keep the boat sat in the wash and never really made any headway. Pembroke moved on us hard and got us coming into Grassy. 
(D. Lee)
Bumped by Darwin
Darwin were big and came at us faster and harder than Pembroke did. We still hadn't managed to come together as a crew and they took us out just coming into the Gut.
It was such a shame to have been taken out like that, not because of the result, but because of the rowing. It was better than yesterday but was still not the result we should be producing.
Hopefully, Friday will be better.
Our cox did a great job at clearing us and making sure we wouldn't drift out. So good in fact that our bows were firmly wedged 4 feet into the bank. I had to get out, wade through the mud, and unlodge us.... there goes my nice white zephyr...
Darwin were 30 seconds faster than us over the course. They moved on us steadily and there was honestly nothing we could do. 

By the time we got bumped (coming into first post corner), we had actually moved inside station of Pembroke infront of us, who ended up bumping the descending Jesus crew later. Unfortunate that we could not find this earlier. 
(D. Lee)
Rowed over
YES. This was so much better. Clare came at us and we knew that all we had to do was hold them off and feed them back to Emma. Emma didn't move much on us but Clare did a lot.
We had moved on them firmly in the previous two days so this was a bit of a shock but the panic and dread from previous days didn't set in. Instead, we sat up and buckled down for a grind. Blades went in together. Blades came out together. We rowed like we had been trained to and although it slipped, thankfully, it always came back together when Clare made a push.
I think Emma were outside station on Clare coming into 1st post corner and Clare were gaining on us. Coming into grassy Clare had moved to 1/4 length on us but we fended them off with each surge; and then, the Clare cox decided that rudder strings were overrated. He aimed straight for the outside bank and at the very last minute straightened up.
I thought their rudder wire had broken. Others said he might have been told to take it wide to avoid our wash.
Either way, that took them back half a length towards Emma. Emma, having already gone up 5 by this point (overbump and then bumoing up to sandwich boat) started to reel them in.
It was amazing to go round grassy corner and hear all the support for us. Anytime the Club's name was bellowed I felt a tingle in my legs and went for some more knowing that the adrenaline would carry me. 
We kept making length along Plough Reach. Emma didn't really move on us, it was more that Clare had clearly blown. They presumably set out knowing that Emma would get them ad hoping that they could continue our previous trajectory towards spoons.
Instead, we simply moved away up the Long Reach. The incrfeased distance between us and the fact we had absorbed several bumps pushes from Clare gave us confidence and we relaxed. We settled into our rhythm and before long Emma had taken Clare out.
Now, onto the next day. It is going to be a heck of a race with Jesus (spooning) in front of us and Emma (blading) behind us. Lets secure some spoons and break some blades - Rah Rah 1st & 3rd!

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