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X-Press Head Race, May Term 2018

1st men's VIII (1st Mays)

1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bow Forbes Anderson 2 Unknown
3 Matthew Crowe 4 Reggie Mitchell
5 Unknown 6 P. Kasas
7 Josh Hampson str Peter Robinson

Coxed by: Liv Godwin

2nd in Mays 1st and Overall
Time: 6:59.5
Pretty nifty race - partially because of two significant upgrades to two members of our crew, but also partially because a lot of what we've worked on over the term is really coming into effect. We've really strengthened the front end, and have come a long way in controlling our bodies and sitting up tall on the recovery. This has resulted in a much smoother boat, and we've got a much better platform to apply power.

We've gained a lot of speed this term, and we've got a lot of potential for next week. Can't wait to actualise that potential with the master of silk, JPD, in the final days before Bumps next week.

1. X-Press Head 2018 - ...

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