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Cambridge Head-2-Head, Lent Term 2018

1st men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Sophie Maclean

Time: 14:46.2
Our first leg lacked guts but it was our first outing as a "crew" - we did have one 7-watt sub. Unfortunately we "accidentally forgot" to turn the telemetry on so won't know just how much Marcus quiched.

The second leg we really aimed to attack with guts and did move on Clare until we hit the wind.

It was a pretty choppy set of rowing but a good start. A lot of free speed will come with some miles together. At this time I am reminded of Julia Attwood's unrelenting optimism and am looking forward to hunting down some crews come Bumps.

Ra ra First and Third.
Although our first leg was in no way lacking in guts, it didn't have the confidence or the togetherness required to really make the most of the tailwind and the stream. Considering this was our first outing as a crew (and with Marcus kindly subbing in for Pete, with Jon jumping up to the stroke seat temporarily), it is hardly surprising that things were moderately rocky and uncertain. However, as I'm sure Jedge will agree, as he and I are the only returners from last year's Lents crew, there is a lot more power than we had this time last year, and equally a great deal of potential to exploit and develop over the term under Jacqui's expert tutelage.

After what can only be described as a grueling and time-consuming selection process, we finally have the 9 friends who are going to gurn 804 up onto Christ's and Peterhouse's sterns in a month's time. The awesome attack which we gave in the second piece, despite an horrific headwind, is a great testament to the commitment and drive in this crew. From start to finish there was a positive, constructive attitude from almost everyone in the crew, and that really does bode well. I can't wait for an awesome term with you guys. Let's go smash it.
Crew selection was yesterday, which means that H2H was our first outing as a crew (with Marcus subbing for Peter). 

The first leg was rather scrappy, and we struggled to lift the rate to above 30. It also seemed at times that we were too aware of the fact that we would have to do another piece. 

We aimed to really attack the second piece, which I think we managed to do despite the horrific headwind. After spending most of first post reach trying to not lose our blades to the wind, we had an awesome lift around Grassy where we gained on Clare ahead of us. Then the wind hit us again on the Long Reach. 
(D. Lee)

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