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May Bumps 2016

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Liv Godwin

Rowed over
Clare gained some ground down First Post Reach, but from Grassy onwards W1 began walking away. A solid row saw the girls cross the finish inside station on Jesus (who had overlap on Emma throughout the second half of the course but never made the hit) and with Clare nowhere in sight. (Yining)
First day of bumps, nerves are always high. With carnage in the M2 division, as we pushed off we were notified there would be no practice start. Despite this, Clare ahead of us decided they were special enough to do one anyway. We had a good warmup before pulling in, ready to wait for the gun. Before I knew it, we were being pushed out and the gun went off. 
We had a clean start, and adrenaline wound us to 43, before we rhythmed to 36 around first post. Clare had a fast start and moved up to a length in the Gut, earning them a whistle. An internal call from Liv allowed us to push onto a really solid rhythm around grassy, rapidly moving back to outside station on Clare by the Plough. Walking away from Clare, our gaze shifted to ahead of us. Jesus had been two feet off Emma since the Gut, around 2 1/2 lengths ahead of us. Down the reach, our rhythm carried us inch by inch closer to within station by the railway bridge. At this point Jesus began to blow hard, and we had nothing to lose. Sharpening and pushing led us to close to 3/4 of a length by top finish before we ran out of river. Tomorrow.
Bumped by Clare
Shame girls, GET THEM TMR!!!! (B. Kesek)
We made a mistake today, not to be repeated. Our plan - find our rhythm and push from there. Heads in, and we can go from there. (Imogen)
First half of the race looked much like yesterday, except this time Clare were prepared and we were not. Not the result we wanted today, but many lessons were learned. You're fully capable of bumping Clare back tomorrow -- believe in your rhythm, stick with each other, and you'll fly! (Yining)
Bumped by Girton
Yesterday we rowed badly and got bumped. Today we rowed well and got bumped. It's sad both ways, but I'm happy with how we raced today, and that makes things a bit easier.
We had a far more relaxed warmup, with a fantastic practice start, and pulled in on the outflow feeling good. 
Pushing off, there was a mild panic when at 25s to go we realised Liv didn't have a bung in her hand, but this was rapidly rectified. The gun went, and we did one of the best starts of term; strong, and sharp. I thought we were in a good position coming up to First Post, but Girton's rhythm brought them their first whistle. Around First Post, a second and third quickly followed and with overlap in the entrance to Grassy the bump was called by the umpire. We raced well, but Girton just had a gear we did not...

Visibly more confident that yesterday, W1 set off ready for any eventuality but determined to row on their own terms. Before the start, Millie cracked such amazing jokes that Iain threatened to boycott the push-off. The station 6 outflow distracted us a little but fortunately gave us no trouble.

The relaxed atmosphere and crew positivity showed in the race. We had a good start and settled into the incredible rhythm the crew had been developing throughout the term. W1 responded effectively to challenges from behind, but Girton simply had more to give, gained overlap in the Gut and got their bowball past Liv just before Grassy corner. Clearing was a bit awkward, but no one was obstructed. Mixed feelings were had all around: disappointment at being bumped, but also pride at such an effective row.

Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to get out there and row our own race. Newnham won't get a sniff. Maybe then we'll finally get to hear Millie's ASNaC joke!

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