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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2015

1st women's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Matthew Crowe

2nd round
Beat Robinson W1
A first race that was quite comforting. We did a pretty decent start, gained on them pretty quickly, and kept going. By the railway bridge, we were striding repeatedly, and we crossed the finish line comfortably.  
Several of us started coughing pretty badly once we had stopped rowing, and I was personally not able to cheer properly for Robinson. We knew the next races would not be so easy on us, and I was certainly a bit worried, but we were all determined to do our best and stay composed.  
(Zoe W.)
Quarter finals
Beat Caius W1
After more than an hour at Chesterton, where we progressively layered more and more kit, plundered Neil's car (some of us ended up huddled like penguins), and watched other crews finishing, we pushed off knowing that we should not underestimate Caius.  
The start was a total disaster: several blades were not buried, and we did not actually move for the first couple of strokes. Caius took a couple of seats on us at that point, that we progressively gained back. Matt called our push quite early, and it was moderately effective, and we moved ahead for the second half of the race.  
Without doubt our most encouraging race of the day.
(Zoe W.)

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