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Peterborough Sprint Regatta, Summer 2013

People around Cambridge IV (Women's Novice 4+)

Miscellaneous women's IVs
in Sirens
bow Alex Caulfield 2 Alexa Pohl
3 Julia Attwood str Daisy Gomersall

Coxed by: Yining Nie

Won by 1/3 length
Time: 1:56.6
A crab (mine, of course, it's not a crew with me in it if there isn't some ridiculous bladework happening) on Draw 2 left us about three seats down within the first two strokes. Oops.

We eventually recovered, and caught '99s and Auriol Kensington. We were fortunately first over the line shortly thereafter, enabling us to skip straight to the final.

All in all, not a bad row, but perhaps another piece of evidence that perhaps IV+ scratch crews typically should try to have an outing before racing to prevent comedy rowing. (Alexa)
Won by 3/4 length
Time: 1:55
Having gotten a random outing along the Nene, some practice starts, some tapping, and some high-rate roll-ups in between rounds, we were certainly in a better place than the previous race.

A nice, calm, 500m later, with a few pushes and some nice grinding down of elderly women, we were quite pleasantly surprised that we could claim some pots, if only bow pair managed to produce some passport-sized photos.

Despite having earlier run into town for the now traditional mid-regatta coffee break*, Alex and I had neglected to consider that in the unlikely event that we were to win, locating a passport photo machine prior to 5pm on a Sunday evening might be a good idea.
Immediately after the race, we hopped out of the boat, leaving the boys to deal with derigging while we chased down some photographs. After a dead end at ASDA and some quick thinking, we found ourselves at the Peterborough Railway Station (which has been renovated quite nicely since the last time I visited, I might add) imposing ourselves on the very lovely staff. Fortunately for us, we found a passport photo machine and returned to the regatta site just in time to collect pots and points!

*Poor Alex also was rear-ended during this ill-fated coffee trip. She's a trooper. (Alexa)

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