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Metropolitan Regatta, May Term 2011

2nd men's VIII (IM3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Preeyan Parmar

4th of 5 in Heat
Time: 6:47
Dropped a little off the start however stuck with it through the first 500m, leaving us about a length down with 1250 to go. Clawed our way back up University of Exeter, but left it too late, ending about 1/2 a length off. (Thomas)
Anybody know how to delete results? I meant to add this for M1, not M2... (Swords)
You can change the crew type (from 2nd men's VIII to 1st men's VIII) if necessary - by clicking 'edit crew...' on this page and then clicking 'change...' near the top of the next page.

To remove the result altogether you may need to get Pedro to do it - if I remember correctly only admin group members get the delete buttons. You have to delete the crew list first, and then I think Pedro has the option of deleting the result itself. It's buttons at the bottom of the relevant 'edit report' / 'add report' pages... (Martin P)

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