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Trophee des Rois, May Term 2011

1st women's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Preeyan Parmar

Time: 2:43
Racing in an old wooden boat for the first time we realised the rigging was set wrong and noone was able to hold in their finishes. Kerrie was also struggling as her blade was broken so was bending on the wrong side of the gate! However, for a "1k" race the time was still good. (Rachel)
We turned up not really knowing what to expect and we certainly didn't expect a wooden Empacher. Having been unsure that the rules permitted practice starts, we decided it was best not to risk it and instead lined up to race. Given how poorly the boat was set up for us, I'm pleased the race wasn't any longer. (Julia)
Plate final
3rd overall
This race was side by side with two other crews. The weight of our boat meant we were down off the start, but we gained steadily throughout the race and pushes on the legs helped us go on to win, giving us 3rd place overall. A much more satisfying race than earlier in the day. (Rachel)
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