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May Term 2011

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st Mays)

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Champion of the Thames Eights Head (Women's 1st Div. Mays)

Time: 6:25.21
The start was relatively un-panicked given how little practice we had had. This meant we were rowing reasonably by the time we hit the headwind on the reach and despite the potential for it to fall apart totally in the strong headwind, we kept working together with some solid pushes to the finish. We're improving but there's still more to come. (Julia)
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Trophee des Rois (1st division)

Time: 2:43
Racing in an old wooden boat for the first time we realised the rigging was set wrong and noone was able to hold in their finishes. Kerrie was also struggling as her blade was broken so was bending on the wrong side of the gate! However, for a "1k" race the time was still good. (Rachel)
We turned up not really knowing what to expect and we certainly didn't expect a wooden Empacher. Having been unsure that the rules permitted practice starts, we decided it was best not to risk it and instead lined up to race. Given how poorly the boat was set up for us, I'm pleased the race wasn't any longer. (Julia)
Plate final
3rd overall
This race was side by side with two other crews. The weight of our boat meant we were down off the start, but we gained steadily throughout the race and pushes on the legs helped us go on to win, giving us 3rd place overall. A much more satisfying race than earlier in the day. (Rachel)
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Régates en Seine (1st division)

Quarter finals
lost by 2m
We were disadvantaged off the start having to accelerate a heavy wooden boat while our opposition flew off the start in the light composite boat. We remained close throughout but the race wasn't long enough for us to take the lead. However, if the race included spinning and clearing the finish, I think we would have won.
Despite the disappointing result, we all really enjoyed rowing by the Eiffel Tower. (Julia)
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May Bumps

Bumped by Clare
Aside from the result, there's nothing I would change about yesterday's race. There was some confusion in the countdown and I remember thinking on '3' that this was not going to be good, so was pleasantly surprised when we managed to pull off a nice start. Clare didn't appear to move on us here, though I can't see much from 4.
We may have strode too early, but the rhythm felt nice, racy and powerful. We attacked the corner, and I heard someone say 'They're moving' but wasn't sure if this meant Clare or if Jesus had pulled away. We began to worry coming around Grassy that we hadn't had any whistles, and this was really where Clare moved up on us. They seemed to take a strange line coming up to the exit of Grassy, but it obviously worked as they soon bumped us.
Not what we wanted, but we raced our race, and I couldn't have hoped for better first day rowing. I'm not foolish enough to attempt to predict any Bumps race outcomes, but we're going out tomorrow keen and "fierce", to quote Ms. Poseidon. (Julia A.)
Bumped by Queens'
More chaos at the start as our cox box stopped working just before our practice start at the plough. The rowing gods are testing our calm in the draw strokes, evidently.
Another good row with another disappointing result. Queens picked up a lot of speed from yesterday, bumping us around Grassy, but we were about on station with Clare, who were in turn on station with Jesus.
Rhythm was nice, chunky and long, but obviously rowing nicely (while wonderful for Doug's photos) isn't helping us in the bumps department.
Liz advised us to just start enjoying it and go for it tomorrow, which is what we'll do. Glad I didn't try to predict anything in my last report. (Julia A.)
Rowed over
Today's disaster on the start was that it absolutely poured. Our bank party resorted to standing under a tree while we frantically roughened our blades with Fletch's room key (must remember this trick for future use).
We were determined to row over, and though I don't recall much of the start as I was concentrating on feathering, it seemed nice, and our pushes were effective. We pulled away from Catz quite quickly, who then fell under pressure from Tit Hall, and soon bumped out. With nothing chasing, and unsure where Queen's were in front of us, we fell off a little in the middle third of the race.
It was nice to finally get onto the reach, and having reached a state in which I couldn't imagine what it felt like to be dry and being amused and somewhat perplexed by the sloshing of water in the boat, we put in a strong finish. The course seems remarkably short finishing at the Railway Bridge, which was a pleasant surprise. I feel like this row-over has helped us find our feet and we're going into tomorrow in high spirits come hell or (more likely) high water. (Julia A.)

1. Catches In
2. Coming to the Railwa...
3. At the Catch

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