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Head of the River Race, May Term 2011

1st men's VIII (In3)

Coxed by: Alex Caulfield

Time: 18:50.89
With a couple of key members of the Lent VIII unavoidably on holiday for the HORR weekend, it was decided to race to keep us inspired in the post bumps racing, and to keep our position on the river for future years.
To keep Jacob and Gonzalo involved, we trained in a rotating VIII and small boats until settling into the race crew relatively late.
After doing our best impressions of a tourist information boat for a German couple who were wandering along the bank by TSS and wondering why there were so many boats drifting around, we eventually span and set off.
It was generally agreed that everyone had pulled very hard, that the rowing had been pretty bad, and that it wasn't the most pleasant experience we'd ever had. (Peter)

1. Into the Distance
2. Catches
3. Legs Down

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