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Women's Head of the River Race, Lent Term 2011

1st women's VIII (Intermediate 3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Richard Sworder

Time: 21:38.2
This was always going to be a bit of a placeholder effort, as we had 3 subs in. Again, our massive inconsistancy took hold, as our speed throughout the race appeared very variable. We were overtaken twice, and overtook once, and in both cases, crews gained very quickly, then took a huge length of time to actually pass. The same was true of the other crew (no idea who they were) who overtook later in the race.
Having said that, for a crew which was half way between W1 and W2, the result is pretty decent, and hopefully will ensure that next year's W1 will get a half decent starting position. (Swords)

1. Passing Hammersmith ...

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