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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2010

M4b (Mays Lower)

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova

56th overall
Time: 15:40
Not too bad at all. I think we were the only M5 boat out there but we still managed to beat a few M3 crews in addition to several W1 crews. And no, that is not necessarily akin to saying that I could beat Stevie Wonder in a game of spot the difference.

We had a few subs who we are thankful to. I particularly enjoyed some smooth, effective stroking from George and some no-nonsense and, at times, very stimulating coxing from Sonya. I was a slave to her orders when she told me to get it in quickly on Grassy. Kudos to the eruption of banter in the short break from Dom.

As for the race, we hit the rhythm well on the Reach; it was chunky around 28. Seemed like good corners and a semi-OK push for the finish.

2nd leg seemed quite good, perhaps rating a little higher when we pushed hard against a slowly closing Sidney crew but we held it together well on the Reach, enough to prevent them getting any more than overlap. Good training for Bumps. Bring on the next race! (Mark)

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