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May Bumps 2010

5th men's VIII

Coxed by: Katie Lam

Rowed over
Let's not all go to Cindies tonight, we might do better tomorrow. x (Millsy)
I don't think crew turbolash the night before affected our performance too much, but it was entertaining to row behind 2 people with no hair.
Our practise start was nice, but the real one was quite spacky :(
Also we rowed short all the way. 2 things to fix!
Christ's IV got bumped quite quickly behind us, and we quiched merrily up the reach and thus lost a lot of ground to the boat 3 behind us. We definitely shouldn't do this tomorrow either...

Tomorrow we must man up or our race will be cut brutally short by eddies. Bumps is fun :) (Alex)
It's a good job we were rowing, not driving - some of us were definitely over the limit.

The guest appearance of Captain Picard from Star Trek and Andre Agassi in bow 4 was much appreciated. (Alex Dear is a twat)
Bumped by Christ's IV
A disappointing finish to the bumps campaign but it's been a good laugh nonetheless :).

It's been a fun three years folks. Thoroughly enjoyed my time at FaT. Best of luck for the years ahead.

Adios. (Tsunami)
Like Jeff, this will probably be the last time I row at Trinity. Although I haven't achieved nearly as much as Jeff, I'd still like to say thanks for a fun 2 years, regardless of success or lack thereof.

Edmund. (JERH)

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